Hello.  Welcome to Dr. Chabrawichi. So glad you’re here.  We’re Dr.  Chabrawichi for perfumes and cosmetics working under the umbrella of the mother company Reedy Group . We’ve been working in this industry for pretty much our entire lives. We used to be in the wholesale business, but now we’re  selling our products directly to you
we are committed to produce a high quality products with reasonable prices not only for the local market but also to the global market
we have over 12 Leader Brands that cover all your needs, Hair Care , Skin Care ,Baby care, Cologne, Perfumes, Also Hair Styling and Makeup. 

Dr. Chabrawichi Classic Line

 Dr. Chabrawichi professional Line



Hair Care - Hair Styling - Skin Care 


Hair Styling

Herba Vita

Hair Care 

Bio tree

Advanced Skin Care

Little Ones

Baby Care


Make-Up Line